Sunday, 13 May 2007

What are the effects of Americanisation?

There is a difference between Americanisation and Globalisation; I feel that the American culture is part of the many other cultures that make up globalisation.

In a busy weekend mall, packed fast food joints, young people in a baggy combat pants and slang and people talking on Motorola cell phones about the latest Hollywood films is a standard American scene, however, such a scene is evident in many other cities round the globe. This shows the impact of Americanisation, influential, popular and persuasive.
It shows that people view America in the form of a role model and a leader in influencing other countries and have their culture blended in.

However, it can be argued that the American culture domination poses a threat to culture diversity. Ranging from Hollywood, popular music, fast food to Disney cartoons, the world in which we live in would be imbued with less local colour. Unique festivals and rites celebrated by people of different culture round the world which filled the world with vibrancy are on the verge of extinction.

In addition, americanisation can also have other downsides. The popularity of American culture can possibly lead to the consolidation of the communications industry to a few major American firms. This means that information generated for global consumption would nearly always be one from an American perspective.

I feel that americanisation have brought about the increase in the number of abortion rates, illegitimate children and the surge in the number of single parents in Asian societies. Traditionally, Asian societies were very conservative and the abovementioned problems were uncommon and condemned. This shows that the American culture has indirectly affected the mentality of Asians; although people generally disapprove of single parenting and abortion, the statistics prove otherwise.
Therefore, it is important that countries all around the world have to make a conscious effort to preserve and promote their culture. This would ensure that cultural roots would remain to bond people belonging to different cultures and ethnic groups. It would also serve to ensure that our world would continue to be colourful and vibrant.

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Melboy said...

I like the 1st 3 paragraphs very well written in elaboration of Americanisation in our daily lives

But what you do need to note is the abrupt change in sequencing of American negative impact in the last paragraph.

Other than that, it's pretty good